Speedy Floodbags

Traditional Floodbags are extremely bulky and labor intensive to prepare. Speedy Floodbag was developed to be the most user friendly, ready to implement, cost-effective Floodbag on the market. For many, Speedy Floodbags can be considered a form of “flood insurance”, particularly for those with no insurance.

They are designed to be light and space friendly so they can be stored in as small a space as necessary, yet able to be deployed immediately upon threat of flood. These “ready to work” Floodbags start out flat and weigh under 16 ounces (.45 kg) when uninflated.

By charging the bag with water, the bag quickly inflates to a full floodbag of approximately 37 pounds (16.8 kg). Consider that a box of 50 sandbags can be quickly deployed to create a huge wall of protection when time is of the utmost importance.